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    House of Leaves with a Piranesi Chaser

    This one time I read the same book twice in two months. I’ve re-read many books many times–calling you out, Jane Eyre! Usually I put a few years between reading and re-reading but all that changed when I read Piranesi by Susanna Clark. The first reading was one day in October of 2020. It was a quiet day, a happy day. My husband and I had rented a little cottage in the woods for a few days during lockdown. It was our tenth anniversary and at the beginning of the year we had planned to take a two week trip to Italy where we’d gone for our honeymoon, but then…

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    1Q84 – Murakami keeping it Weird

    A coupla three weeks ago I started 1Q84, a novel by Haruki Murakami. It’s not so much of a novel as a TOME. The page count is just under 1200, and it was originally published as a trilogy. It’s huge. Percentage-wise, I haven’t got very far. My page count is pretty good for as long as I have been chipping away at it. This is going to be a multi-month reading project. I don’t feel like rushing through it–I’m not a booktuber after all so I don’t need to rack up titles read. Books like this are perfect for what you could call “Slow Reading.” A few pages each evening,…