Favorite Sister by Francesca Raines

Favorite Sister by Francesca Raines. Cover of two sisters in blue monotone

She is the youngest and best loved.

September, 1920. Young Piper Courtenay has fled her peaceful home for the glamour of New York City with a suitcase and secret that will not let her rest.

Soon, she must choose between revealing what she knows and betraying someone she has loved for a long time.

A small New England town at the end of an idyllic summer. The Courtenays are a large, close-knit family with little to worry them until one hot night a young man is discovered drowned in the lake by their home, and their world is shattered.

The beloved youngest daughter, 16-year-old Piper, flees the safety of her family for New York City where her adored brother, Jack has lived since he returned from World War I.

New York is noisy and glittering and exhilarating. Amidst Prohibition and a revolution of flappers in short dresses, and even shorter hair, she learns to make her way through the glitz and glamour that is New York City at the edge of the Jazz Age.

But there’s something Piper isn’t saying. And when the brother of the drowned boy falls in love with her, she must decide what to do with the secret she’s been keeping.

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