View from a balcony in Paris of city roofs. Les toits des Paris.

Paris and the Queens of France

Statue of Anne de Bretagne Luxembourg Garden Paris

Don’t Mess with these Ladies

In October of 2019, barely two months before Covid 19 reared it’s head, I betook myself to France for two weeks. A solo trip–my favorite kind.

Louise de Savoie, Paris

This wasn’t my first trip to the City of Light and it won’t be my last. One thing that I hadn’t been to was the Luxembourg Garden. Jardin du Luxembourg. So that was the first place I went to see. Also, it was the second place.

Since it was the last part of October, practically November, things were gray and cloudy. Any foliage was pretty much gone. It’s not really prime garden-visiting weather. Despite this, there was a delightful surprise that I hadn’t expected to see; The Queens of France.

On my first visit I wandered through with my phone, and on the second visit I took my fancy schmancy DSLR camera to get some good photos of the Queens.

Statue of Jeanne D'Albret, Luxembourg Garden Paris

All of these ladies have expressions that range from “This is some bullshit” to “Fuck this shit, I’m outta here!” And I loved every one of them.

Statue of Queen Mathilde Luxembourg Garden Paris